"No more bulky external power bricks and dangling cords. The new Tehkron CagePro offers a clean, simple, and affordable solution for continuous non-stop hours of fun with your GOPRO® Hero3 or Hero3+" - team PNC


With the ability to record up to 4 Hours of HD video on a single 64GB microSD card, the last thing you want to worry about is battery life. The GOPRO® HERO3 / HERO3+ is capable of far longer run times than the internal battery can provide. Once you've enabled Wi-Fi, or attach the GOPRO® LCD BacPac, you'll be lucky if you can squeeze out a full 40 minutes.

Sure, you can achieve an extra hour of run time by mounting the external GOPRO® Battery BacPac2, but this means removing the LCD Touch Screen - our favorite accessory. So we came up with a better idea - the Tehkron CagePro.

How Does it Work?

Our unique Patent Pending design solves several problems for filmmakers who use the GOPRO® HERO3 / HERO3+ in professional production and broadcast environments. First and foremost, our cage offers additional mounting points - an important feature to minimize vibrations when rigging the GOPRO® to cars, motorcycles, planes, boats, and more.

The CagePro also incorporates a 62mm threaded filter ring to further improve the image quality from the GOPRO® HERO3 / HERO3+ Cameras. By adding an ND Filter you can reduce shutter speeds on bright days which can help to reduce Jello and Rolling Shutter effects. Or slap on a CPL (circular polarizing) filter to reduce glare on reflective surfaces and enhance color saturation in skies, oceans, and trees.

Our most innovative feature pumps power to your Hero3 through a common LP-E6 battery (Canon DSLR Type)! A single Canon LP-E6 Battery can provide more than 5 hours of run time on a single charge. A perfect solution for long video takes, or a full day of Time Lapse projects.
"Actual run times will vary depending on settings and accessories used. Resolution, Frame Rates, Quality, LCD BacPac, Wi-Fi, and other settings may affect overall run time."

Is This Safe?

Absolutely! The GOPRO® HERO3 or HERO3+ cameras can be mounted in an optional Skeleton Case which allow GOPRO® cameras to use USB power from an external source. Instead of lugging around large bulky power packs, we've chosen one of the most common, affordable, and reliable power solutions in the camera industry today - the Canon LP-E6.

Our internal circuit board drops the 7.2V battery down to safe USB operating voltage. The GOPRO® HERO3 / HERO3+ is connected to the CagePro through a USB cable that will charge the internal GoPro battery when it's powered off, or continue to power the GOPRO® Hero3 / Hero3+ when in use.

[Note:] Tehkron CagePro requires a Canon LP-E6 Battery Type + the GOPRO® Skeleton Housing with or without the GOPRO® LCD BacPac to connect (not included).
We have confirmed the GOPRO® HERO3+ Camera is compatible with the Tehkron CagePro when used in the GOPRO® Skeleton Housing and GOPRO® LCD BacPac.
Update 11.06.13 - GoPro has just announced a second 'Slim' Skeleton Case'. Although it may be possible this new case will work with the CagePro, we have not had the chance to test this. The CagePro has been tested and verified to work with the original Skeleton Housing (still available here).

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